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Hello everyone!

My first collaboration is a fact :aww:
Special thanks to the wonderful Stanislava from S-MOON-S :icons-moon-s: and her great skills with clothing and jewelry. :hug:
We had the idea from March, and after long time discussing and preparing - voila!
You can visit her FB page as well -

I hope you like the results :)
Thanks for your support!

My personal fav:
Bloody countess by Tikal-SH

and two more:

Bloody countess II by Tikal-SH Boody countess III by Tikal-SH
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Hello form me!

Long time no new journals, but now I want to tell everyone for one great photo shoot with a dA model :iconcenestelle: :aww:

We had a great time whole day.

First we shoot the first outfit (really loved the big magenta tulle skirt).

My own Fairytale I by Tikal-SH My own Fairytale III by Tikal-SH Between two hearts by Cenestelle

And then it was real fun going to an old railway station for the second outfit, because near the place we were photo shooting, there were some gypsies who continuously were stealing from the old wagons... also Cen was on high heels and I must admit she's a truly hero walking on the tiny pebbles :worship:
btw I really liked her rock outfit, she seemed to be so free and I think she liked it...
Anyway, I think we managed to get a great results, but I'm leaving the comments to you

From my choice:
Living on the road IV by Tikal-SH Living on the road II by Tikal-SH Living on the road III by Tikal-SH Living on the road V by Tikal-SH

From :iconcenestelle:'s choice:
Choose to be me by Cenestelle Meet me at the railway station by Cenestelle

Check her gallery :)
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OMG! :la:
Yesterday I got a DD of one of my favorite photos:

behind blue eyes by Tikal-SH

I'm a member for 4-5 years and this is my first DD so far. I want to thank :icondistortedsmile: for featuring it :heart:

Yesterday I got 6,586 views and 1,441 faves and I really want to thank to all of you for your comments, critiques, messages, and support! You made my day!

All best,
Antonia Glaskova
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Yesterday I made my first photo-session in an old building... it was very exciting :la: ... at first I had an idea for a scene, and because of it the photo-session was made :D the building was very interesting and I'm thinking of another shooting there, but with other theme... sadly, it's cold here and it have to wait for the next year... I'll upload more photos in the "Old bulding sessions" :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My first account, for digital media like digital drawing and photomanipulations...

ShadeHuntress ~ :iconshadehuntress:

This one if for photography :aww:
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My first account, for digital media like digital drawing and photomanipulations...

ShadeHuntress ~ :iconshadehuntress:

this one is only tries of photography :]
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